Snund<3 Please?


idk what’s going on this is free for interpretation
idk how to draw gay things thats why I quit lel

I’ve been tagged by the lovely blue-ramen

1. Would you encourage high school students to take up the major you’re currently studying/already completed? why/why not?
No, because I’m not one to encourage anyone into big decisions like that. They should go for whatever they want or if they were like me and had no fucking idea what I wanted- instead of encouraging them into what I majored in, I’d encourage them to research what’s available and pick from there.

2. Imagine working on your debut book, which literary genre would you pick? And whose book would you look into for inspiration?
Two things:
This is something I’ve never thought about doing and I am not qualified to write a book.

3. If you had to pick ONE decade of music to listen to, which would you pick? 
I literally can’t. 

4.  Do you identify with the personality traits of your astrological sign? Why/why not? 
I am a Sagittarius/Capricorn mix. I believe that stars are beautiful, but I do not believe in what they have to say about my personality. Coincidentally, Sagittarians are known to be nonbelievers. So idk.

5. 5 words to summarize your day.
I was asleep all afternoon.

Do you ship Crake? Or Snund? I must know<3